Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Someone Needs to Take Carl Drummer to Dinner

I rarely weigh in on political issues unless they involve tasty duck or goose liver, but many of you might want some clarification on comments made in this week's IBJ by Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer. He was again defending the as-yet unopened 300 East, the bar in the Julia Carson Government Center on Fall Creek Boulevard. He also shocked, (Shocked!) when neighbors weren't thrilled about a bar right in the middle of a largely residential neighborhood. (Of course, many recognized the management and investors from the recently closed Savoy, a nightclub that didn't engender any love from its neighbors.)

But what is most surprising for someone who's been Trustee since 1996 was his quote in the paper. Did you know that 300 East would be the only white table restaurant in the inner city? I'm guessing the chefs at R Bistro (across the street from Drummer's office), Elements, The Oceanaire, Mo's, A Place for Steaks and any number of other downtown eateries didn't know that either. Looks like someone needs to take Carl Drummer to dinner in Center Township.

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