Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Updates on Restaurant Delays

The lovely Ms. Speer has an update on some long awaited restaurants in today's Dish from Indianapolis Monthly:

--We checked in (again!) with the folks at Au Bon Pain (because last we heard, the opening date for the new location on the Circle was November, and while the construction looks to be making progress, November's days are numbered and we still don't have our tomato Florentine soup and we're starting to think we might never get our tomato Florentine soup ...). This time, we got a tentative open date of December 1. Tentative being the operative word, of course. Sigh. But it has been delays a-go-go in the restaurant biz this year, with tardy openings for Buggs Temple, Barcelona Tapas and Stone Creek (all of which are now slated to open sometime early next year), and--this just in--Harry & Izzy's (St. Elmo's casual sister restaurant, to be located on the corner of Illinois and Georgia streets). Construction delays have pushed that opening back until March, says St. Elmo general manager Chris Clifford. 'Course, some things are worth the wait ...

Not mentioned, but also long-awaited, the new Kahn's on Keystone Ave. Early on, Jim Arnold was shooting for a Thanksgiving opening, but it looks like it will be closer to Christmas. Still, with a new deli, big box wines, and expanded space, we can hardly wait!


Vicki said...

Can you tell me more about Buggs Temple & Stone Creek??

braingirl said...

Buggs Templeswill be the restaurant(s) in the renovated former church at 10th and the Canal downtown. The building will have a Ritter's Frozen Custard and one nicer restaurant. Chef Brad Gates came over earlier in the year from Puck's. http://www.buggstemple.com/

I don't know about Stone Creek. I'll find out.