Monday, November 13, 2006

Takeout for the Holidays

Yes, many of us do eat takeout for the holidays -- and what better takeout to have than butternut squash maple soup from Oakley's or buttermilk pie from R. Bistro? Quite a few local chefs are very busy just before Thanksgiving filling orders for customers willing to pay the price for serving a little bit of perfection at home. And it's usually worth it. A few tips if you're ordering from your favorite restaurant for the holidays:

1. Place your order as early as possible. Avoid last minute additions, cancellations, or changes, even if you're a regular and think it won't be a big deal. (I've been in the kitchen when Steve Oakley is making 30 gallons of soup and trust me, calling to ask for a few more quarts at the last minute is a big deal. (The words "It's OK, the chef knows me" are also not such a great idea.)

2. Be prompt in picking up your order. Staff have to schedule these pick-ups around the restaurant's usual hours and service, so it's nice if you can pick it up when they're not slammed. Don't order then not pickup.

3. Follow the storage and re-heating instructions. In my experience, chefs are happy to help give you guidance on how to best serve their food. (It reflects well on them and their restaurant!) But pay attention to getting it home, freezing or refrigerating properly, and reheating or cooking as necessary.

4. When in doubt, ask. Like something on a restaurant's menu and want to know if they can make it for pick-up for a family meal? Ask. Most places are very accommodating. And what a treat -- no cooking for Thanksgiving! Just lots of football and eating too much good food!

And for starters, here are a couple of options locally.

R.Bistro -- Their signature Buttermilk Pie and "1929" Lemon Cake Pie for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Order starting today -- Monday, Nov 13. For Thanksgiving, pick up is Weds, Nov.22. For Christmas, pickup is Dec 23. 24 hours notice required, $20 per pie (serves 8). To order, call 423-0312.

Oakleys Bistro -- Butternut Squash Soup ($18/quart), Sourdough Sage Stuffing ($12/quart), Turkey Chestnut Gravy ($12/quart), Cranberry-Ginger Chutney ($8/pint). Orders must be placed by noon on Saturday, November 18, 2006, and picked up on Wednesday, November 22, 2006. To order, call 317-824-1231.


Sean Carter said...

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Anonymous said...

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