Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wine Away!

Word to the wise: If you eat with me and we're drinking red wine, don't sit on my left. As one dining companion found last week and another found just the other evening, it's a dangerous place to be. My sweeping left arm gesture increases with alcohol consumption...apparently.

However, during a spillage the other night during dinner at R Bistro the most amazing thing happened! Immediately after the spill, our waiter came over to assist us -- blotting the temprenillo from our friend's shirt. Then he disappeared and returned with a spray on wine stain remover, Wine Away. A few sprays all over the stains and magically, over the next 10 minutes, the stains disappeared. Not only did the shirt look salvageable, but I felt much less embarrassed for spilling it to begin with. Great work to our miracle waiter -- and Wine Away. This should be a standard part of any restaurant's service inventory. (It appears to be fairly widely available online and in drugstores.)

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Jeff said...

Hi braingirl, I think I have deduced your identity, too. We did work together at Macmillan in the '96 - '99 timeframe.

At any rate, would you mind updating your link to Good Grape on your site and have it point to and not my previous Typepad site?

I also just linked to your Wine Away post as well.

Good stuff, as always, on the site.