Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ask Feed Me/Drink Me!

This week was so depressing from a food perspective that I couldn't even cobble together a Three Latest and Best. Wednesday, after tasting wine and some divine sweetbreads at L'Explorateur, I had dinner at a restaurant that was so bad I don't even want to name it. I suspect it's not awful all the time, but the food was horrible. The worst thing? I was so hungry, I ate most of my entree even though it was burned, overspiced, and tough!

Then, yesterday, a friend and I had the lunch buffet at the Conrad and it was laughably worse than usual. When non-foodie friends pronounce food inedible (like the white chocolate cheesecake) you know there are problems. After the wait staff attempted *five* times to remove a plate I was still eating from, we started to just laugh. It was like being on an episode of Top Chef. I kept wanting to ask them why they thought it was OK to serve uncooked rice and cheesecake that clearly had something wrong with it. (It was still frozen in the middle and there was no *cream cheese* in it. It was like flavorless whipped cream, which was also what was on top of the carrot cake instead of a luscious traditional cream cheese icing.) Also, will *someone* please teach every chef in that kitchen how to cook rice!? There was an "Asian" salad that was horrible with uncooked rice, soy sauce, and overcooked veggies piled on top. And, even Anthony Bourdain could help these guys disguise leftover banquet vegetables better than a pan full of squash and purple onions with some mozzarella cheese on it called "Italian Stew". Unbelievable.

To cap things off, last night, while having dinner at the bar at Ruth's Chris, my mobile phone took a dive into the bar sink. Even one of my favorite bartenders couldn't save it in time. Less than 10 seconds in the water and my RAZR and 150 numbers are dead. A big thankful shout out to Verizon and a replacement is on the way but the numbers are lost (although the phone is drying out in a bag of white rice as I type in hopes it will power up one last time.) Oh well, it was time to finally purge people completely from my life which isn't surprising since I've been in such a foul mood lately. My food week could only have been worse had I eaten at Olive Garden.

However, one bright spot this week: I was able to attend my first Knights of the Beer Roundtable tasting and will be reporting on it shortly. In the meantime, I have another reader question to throw out to the group.

Question: Does anyone know anything about Cio's Pizza? From a reader: "I am pretty sure Cio's Pizza is gone. The Fishers location has been dark since at least Dec 1st, and no one answers the phone. If you happen to know if they have just moved again, please let us know!"

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

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Anonymous said...

What was the restaurant in the first paragraph? Spill it!!:-)