Saturday, December 16, 2006

More on Olive Garden Illnesses

Not a lot more but there is a story in today's Star. Based on the number of hits we've been getting from people searching for information on this story, and the relative lack of info in the media, I'm going to try to update readers with any new information. I don't, however, have any contacts at Olive Garden. This should come as no surprise.

Today's Star seems to be reporting that people were continuing to get sick there during the week even after health inspectors cleared the restaurant on Tuesday. They also blame salad in their headline even though there's nothing in the story except for a brief quote on salad, and it appears not to have been the issue. (The Star has lost all credibility of reporting with me, so who knows how accurate any of this is.) However, there is contact information for the health department if you think you're affected. Everyone gets forced into eating somewhere they don't want to sometimes -- I'd hate to think any die hard foodies were sucked into a meal at Olive Garden and were paying the price.

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