Saturday, February 03, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Italian Dinner with Friends: Was it the asparagus wrapped in aged prosciutto with reggiano, ancient balsamic vinegar and lemon? Was it the housemade pasta rags stuffed with cheese and gently placed in a bed of freshly ground Parmesan and topped with white truffle brown butter? What about the salad with apples and grapes soaked in white wine, the roasted brined pork or the blood orange syrup (with flourless chocolate cake and Cointreau ganache, my contribution)? How about that it was a terrific dinner with friends and some of the best Italian wines I've had in years.

Hanging with Karl: My favorite food moment of the week? Hanging out with Chef Karl Benko at Peterson's brainstorming about food, flavors, chefs, and wine. Bonus? I got to see where he dry ages all those steaks he serves.

Devouring RBistro: If you missed Devour Downtown, you missed a great opportunity to see some chefs doing great food. Our choice? The coq au vin at RBistro. My favorite dish on the tasting menu? The pistachio semi-fredo. Delish!

Two-Minute Warning: I've given it the old college try and I've come to the realization that I just can't eat at The Jazz Kitchen. Let me clarify and say I love their catering! I love the brie on a skewer with brown sugar and berries! I love the horseradish-y cocktail sauce with the shrimp and even the quesadillas. But if an outing involves dinner at the restaurant, nothing works from the crab cakes to the etouffe. I love the owners and managers, I like the bartenders, and I've even had good service. But if you want to enjoy the best The Jazz Kitchen has to offer, go for the great parties (their Carnivale party is coming up and it's a fun one), go for the salsa and jazz, and skip the menu.

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