Friday, February 02, 2007

Ouch! More Problems for Jonathan Wright

Apparently the service, front of house problems, and complicated, difficult-to-execute dishes are still haunting Chef Jonathan Wright. He may be brilliant but it looks like some of the same problems he had at Restaurant Du Soleil are emerging for him at Lark Creek Inn. Michael Bauer, food critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, reviewed Wright's restaurant last week. (Wright joined Lark Creek Inn in August.) Ouch.

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Anonymous said...

So maybe, we just WANTED Jonathan Wright to be brilliant. He has certainly had enough time to influence is team. Maybe the guy's just not what he was cracked up to be. I worked at an award winning golf course during my entire high school debacle and I can still throw a club farther than I can hit a ball.

"Michelan stars do not a great chef make!"
- Yoda