Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's Your Coffee Name?

So, it's not original, but it's the topic for today: What's your coffee name? What, might you ask, is acoffee name? It's the name you give the barista at Starbuck's when they want to write something on the cup for that Venti double non-fat no-whip mocha you just ordered. Popular favorites so far are Mickey, Daisy (my personal favorite), Tex, Jean, and even Marco. But beware. Some coffee names will make you glad they're not your own. (As a friend in SF said, when a barista recently called Marco in their neighborhood coffee shop, everyone in the coffee shop automatically answered "Polo!")

If you've ever had them puzzle over the spelling of your name or mispronounce it while you're standing *right there* waiting to grab your cup, then you'll need to try using a coffee name. Try something simple and easy -- and that won't embarrass you. Your coffee name can also work for restaurant wait lists where they want your first name and works with fake last names you might give when you make reservations.


Jim said...

I like to use "Zidane." That way, I can headbutt the barista or the maitre'd if I don't get my way.

Anonymous said...

I make espresso at home on my Rancilio Silvia. The shots are better than at the dreaded Starchucks stores plus I don't have to talk to overly perky baristi at those awful hours. But if I have to go there, I suppose my name would be "dude."

braingirl said...

Dude is a *brilliant* coffee name.

You should go for coffee with Tex.

el jefe said...

I'm one of those people that orders "just coffee" so it never is an issue, but if it ever comes about I'm definitely trying Marco!

Years ago my friends and I used to use "Meardvearcke" for restaurants etc. Amazingly unpronounceable. Cheers!