Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celebrating an Early Spring

Ahhh, 38 degrees! It's back to reality after a few days of tantalizing spring weather. The warm temps and sun were just enough to give us hope, to remind us that there will be a spring and summer, and that if we just hold on a bit longer, the seasons will change. I have to say the extra hour of daylight helps. This is usually the most dreary time in March with the early evenings. Hope -- and warm weather -- springs eternal.

Yesterday, knowing it would turn cold again today, I celebrated the end of the short teaser spring by sitting on a friend's deck, talking about life, and splitting a bottle of a fine, fine 2002 Caparone Cabernet from Napa. (Thanks to Jeff Lefevere who brought me the bottle a couple of weeks ago. It was a fine gift!) This cab is everything a Napa cab ought to be -- big, slightly peppery, and suck-the-inside-of-your-mouth-off dry. Delicious.

Last night, I also popped into L'explorateur for their weekly free wine tasting to meet Boy Brainard from Twisted Oak and preview their wines before tonight's get together at The Upper Room. It was a fun group of people! It was great to run into old friends and new ones including the Wine Aficionados group. They are busy attending various tastings and seem well organized and fun.

My overall thoughts on Twisted Oak? Wow! These guys are producing some lovely wines using grapes more common in France than California. Like some of my favorite houses -- Qupe and Vinum -- they are applying California styles to French and Spanish wines producing everything from an incredible Rhone-style blend (called %$&* because it's so $%^ing good) to a Temprenillo to an incredibly elegant and finished show-stopper called The Spaniard.
So, bring on the Twisted Oak! See you all tonight! (and don't forget Hoosier Beer Geeks afterwards at Brugge.)

Thursday, March 15
6:00-8:00 p.m.
The Upper Room (Broad Ripple Steakhouse)
$15 for wine, snacks and prizes

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