Friday, March 16, 2007

Completely Twisted!

What a fantastic turnout last night for the Twisted Oak tasting at The Upper Room! Thanks so much to Jeff Lefevere, Ashley and Rob from Cork and Cracker, Pimp Daddy from Twisted Oak, and all manner of other folks who helped put a fine party on last night. The snacks were great, the wine was fantastic, and everyone seemed to have a good time. (The beef carpaccio was my favorite -- delicious!)

It was a perfect mix of wine fans, friends, foodies, chefs, bloggers, and assorted writers and editors. (I'm always gratified when someone says "I came because I read it on a blog.") Cool! As Jeff covers in his post, the wines were again, fantastic. I've become a big fan of rhone-style wines this year and their &$*% really delivers. And after several more tastes, I also decided I really liked their Temprenillo as well as the Syrah. I look forward to starting to see Twisted Oak appear on wine lists in Indiana.

Two things I learned last night:

1) Cork and Cracker will have tastings at The Upper Room every two weeks starting this spring. Stop in to make it onto their mailing list.

2) Remember, Ester likes to be violated, smelled, have her legs looked at (although it doesn't mean much), slurped, and then quaffed. I suggest you take ester to dinner when you try all this.

Good luck to Twisted Oak on the rest of their mid-western tour. And thanks for the hot "Wine Rack" tank top! I will wear it proudly. Thanks again for coming, all and we hope to doing it again soon!


christine (myplateoryours) said...

So sorry I missed it. Next time!

el jefe said...

Big thanks to you for helping to set up and publicize a great evening! I wish I could have been there.

And you're welcome! Any chance of getting a picture...?-)

braingirl said...

Of the event? Or me in the hot "Wine Rack" tank top?!

There was a guy there taking pictures -- Jeff or Ashley might know how to reach him for pics of the former. For the latter, that's by appointment only.

el jefe said...

The latter, of course! I guess my people will be calling your people...:)

Shelly said...

I just saw Scott's post about the evening and it looks like everyone had a great time! I'm sorry I missed it, as I told Scott I had a "stupid late meeting" grrr. I’ve noticed some of the European Food bloggers get together for "pitch-ins"...hmmm that may be fun.