Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Strawberries and Sweet Polenta Cake

Wow -- am I ever full of foie gras! Like, so full that I can't believe how much foie we actually ate on Monday night. It was obscene. Obscenely good, that is! Everything was fantastic from the three-cheese souffle with toasted pecans on arugula to the cured foie with corn, squash puree and 25-year-old basalmic vinegar. I was so full, I could only eat half of my dessert -- a perfect baked pear with honey and lemon. My torchon turned out incredibly well -- served with puff pastry and a fig-orange jam.

So, while I mellow out from the rich-fest, I'm home eating my share of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. And the strawberries! The first of the summer, huge, juicy, red -- fantastic! Just perfect for making Chef Tim McGuire's Sweet Polenta Cake from this month's Indianapolis Dine magazine. It's a very thick, sweet cornbread and the perfect vehicle for fresh strawberries, a hint of sugar, and even some cold milk poured on top for soaking. A good alternative to sponge cake for strawberry short cake. So good, I just might have to have some for breakfast. Cornmeal is a whole grain, right?

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