Thursday, May 03, 2007

Buh-bye Bahama Breeze

I knew something was up since I'd been getting several web searches a day pinging me about Bahama Breeze closing. You know you've screwed up when you're a part of a big chain and you can't make it on the North side. But, Bahama Breeze has closed. (Thanks to the pointer from IBJ reporter Cory Shouten's cool blog Property Lines. He has so much skinny on what's coming in and out, he's doing almost as much food news as me these days.)


Rachel said...

I enjoyed their food, for the most part -- but every single time I went there we had a problem with the service. Once they forgot to put my order in (but remembered for the other five people at my table. The last time, we were seated right away and then completely ignored for more than 15 minutes, while a waiter brought the checks and cleared the two tables on either side of us. I finally asked a busgirl to please get someone to come take our drink order. When the waiter came, he apologized and said he wasn't aware that we had been seated in our section. Booo.

Barrett said...

It was in such a strange location, away from the interstate and Keystone, no one just passing through would have known it was there. I don't think it will be missed by many.