Friday, May 04, 2007

Checking in and Pointers

I have been a bad, bad blogger this week! Thanks again to all of you who keep checking in here every day (about 330 of you today!) Fear not! I will be out of the work bunker shortly and eating again before you can say "Hey, where's braingirl?" In looking at stats, we're getting lots of hits of Harry and Izzy's (of course), Bahama Breeze closing, and a few other miscellaneous bits of randomness. But the coolest news is all new local and regional blogs popping in Muncie, Anderson, Noblesville and more. Thanks for the pointers and thanks for reading!

Chef Thom England will be checking in shortly with his dispatches from the CIA (that's Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY) where he's spending a month back in the kitchen.

And in the meantime, I leave you with one tidbit -- again from Cory Shouten at Property Lines. (Hey, Cory, thanks for filling in for me -- you're doing a great job! You're going to be a food blogger before you know it.)

Yat's has opened their third location in Fishers! Now you northsiders can pop in for a great $6 plate of etouffe or jambalaya. A tip? If you need a big order for a group, order ahead and take it home frozen. They send you home with sealed packages of food and rice with great instructions on how to reheat. Voila! Cory tells us it's at 8352 E. 96th St., "next door to a Blockbuster half a mile east of Interstate 69."

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Cory said...

Thanks for the plug!