Friday, May 18, 2007

CIA Vitals

Several people have been asking for the vital statistics on the CIA so here you go:

Degrees Associates in Occupational Studies, Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Science
Bachelors in Occupational Science, Hospitality

Cost: $30,000/year.

# of Grads: 36,000 people have graduated from CIA

35% of all culinary instructors in the United States are CIA grads (that is consistent with Ivy Tech)

Admission Requirements: 6-months experience in the back of the house, High School diploma or the equivalent. If the perspective student has taken SAT's they do not have to take an entrance exam. A score of 550 or higher on each of the sections will allow you to skip A-Block, which are a basic math and English classes.

Average Age of Student: 24

Gender: 60% Male, 40% Female

50% traditional students directly coming from high school

of the 50% non-traditional students, 50% have another college degree

92% of students get financial aid

The big news is that in 2 weeks the school will be announcing MAJOR changes to the curriculum. They will be going to trimesters. It will become a 4-year institution with the cooking classes spread through the entire 4 years. I am interested in what the new program will look like.

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