Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tidbits, Updates, and More

Thank goodness for Chef Thom. If it weren't for his updates from CIA, you all would have had a bleak week at Feed Me/Drink Me. But never fear. While it's been a slow summer so far, things are looking better and better every day. Plus, I turn 40 in a month, so I'll be out of my funk by then. Woo-hoo! In the meantime, here are a few things to hold you until dinner.

Barcelona Tapas: Yes, they are late and missed their May 15 open date, but really, are you surprised? I'm hearing they could open as soon as this week. I'm *so* ready for sangria!

The Corner by Barcelona Tapas: I hear from several sources that the downtown location of India Garden is headed in next door. Frankly, the extra traffic should be good for both restaurants. No ETA that I've heard on their open date.

Maria's Pizza: IndyFoodie asks if anyone knows what's going on with Maria's Pizza. Only true fans can identify a change in the pizza cheese or sauce recipe, so help her out on this one. The venerable Shelby street spot has apparently been open sporadically, and may even have changed names or owners.

Hoaglin's to Open at the History Center: At long last, Hoaglin's has announced a late June open date for whatever form their canal side "cafe" will take on the patio at the historical society. This long-promised venture on the canal at Ohio will be a boon to the neighborhood if they get it right. Otherwise, maybe they'll unlock the gates so there will be street access via the steps to the Canal again. (Via Cory at Property Lines)