Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Log Cabins, Wine Lockers, and More!

Want to see something cool? Drive up Meridian Street to see the renovations on the former Dodd's Townhouse location, soon to be the new restaurant Meridian. Right now, the front of the building is gone and you can see the original two-story log cabin inside! The building was originally called the 7-Mile Inn reflecting it's distance from the city center. And the house was built around the original log cabin.

Wine Lockers at Kahn's: I haven't seen it yet, but am intrigued by the new Kavern at Kahn's on Keystone. Jim is advertising temperature controlled wine lockers for rent in a variety of sizes in the "U Store It Locker Room". Also, the new Kahn's has more cooler space and that means kegs! (They're advertising micro and imported kegs available.)

L'Explorateur Lunches: Not only did I miss sharing the email from L'explorateur that they're now open for lunch, but I missed sharing their first anniversary last week (and more importantly free champagne!) So, they're a year old and they're open for lunch. Perfect for summer!

Hello Bada Boomz! Mike DeWeese, owner of Buffalo Wild Wings on Maryland downtown, is closing as Wild Wings and reopening next weekend under his own concept and brand -- Bada Boomz! The Hoosier Beer Geeks broke the news on this one a couple of weeks ago. Look for his signature beer list to stay intact while the rest of the restaurant gets a makeover.

More on India Garden: From Christy Speer at the Dish, the new downtown India Garden has an ETA of late July.

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