Friday, May 25, 2007


Copper River Salmon Coming to Joe's: In California, restaurants are always packed for that short few weeks in spring when Copper River Salmon arrived. Thanks for the modern day miracles of seafood wholesaling, you, too, can enjoy it right here in Indiana over the Memorial Day weekend. You'll be able to taste the difference. Copper River is one of the top wild salmons you can find -- and also pretty pricey. Joe says call ahead to for price and for how much they have.

Bub's Cafe Opens: If you frequent the Monon in Carmel, you'll be familiar with Bub's Burgers. Look for a new Bub's to open a few doors down. Looks like they'll specialize in breakfast and light lunches.

City Market Disaster: Not to second guess anyone who would possibly think it was a good idea to relocate to the City Market to begin with, but the Star today has a piece on yet another stranded tenant. Corks Market, late of 49th and Penn, planned for a relocation and has found themselves caught in yet another delay. The opening has now been pushed back to August. In the meantime, I'm wondering a) if a wine shop can really work at City Market, and b) why 49th and Penn wasn't a good spot for them. Maybe it was because they were great at first, but then severely limited their inventory of everything -- including wine -- at the 49th and Penn shop?


SCUBAchef said...

Where is Joes's?

They have Copper River salmon
on the menu at Oceanaire now.
I believe it's $54, yikes; not
when that could get get me 54
oysters during Seafood Happy

Oh, and have you checked out
BARcelona yet. Went there
yesterday, I guess they opened
on Wednesday. Gotta say, I
really like the place. Very
inviting bar and the staff is
so nice and eager to please.
Count me as a regular.

M. Zane Grey said...

I hope the City Market location works for Brian. He'll have to do a lot of bottle sales -- that location really doesn't seem too convenient for case buyers.

As for the old Cork Marketplace location at 49th and Penn, this would be a good opportunity for Martha Hoover to expand and remodel the original Café Patachou (which is right next door), and maybe add a little gourmet grocery....

braingirl said...

Joe's Butcher Shop and Fish Market is on main street in Carmel. They get their fish from the same wholesaler as Oceanaire, so it will be pricey.

And I keep forgetting about oyster happy hour! I have to get in for that!

Will hit Barcelona this weekend. And YES YES YES to Martha if she would expand Patachou. That location desparately needs it. (Signed, waited in line way too many times)

Agree that wine will be a bit tough at City Market. I wouldn't buy a bottle at lunch to take home after dinner. (I might, but I might go to John's for that.) Can't leave it in the car. And if I'm shopping for dinner, I'm heading over O'Malias.

silver said...

Seafood happy hour?! Raw oysters?! Details please.....

SCUBAchef said...

Basically just that oysters
and shrimp cocktail are half-
price from 4-6:00 on weekdays
at Oceanaire.

Palomino also has half-priced
appetizers and some drink specials
from 4-6:00.

silver said...

Mick and Shmick does something similar, and with yummy-looking cheeseburgers too. Thanks for the info!

braingirl said...

Ruth's Chris has bar menu happy hour now, too. 1/2 price all reg menu apps and a bar menu with little filet sandwiches. Yumm.

Anonymous said...

Nikki Longsworth really ran the City Market into the ground during her tenure. I'm so glad she is finally gone. Good riddance!

Joanne said...

Off topic, kind of - we went to Barcelona last night for dinner and after kind of a rocky start, we really really enjoyed it. Our waitress was fantastic, the vibe is very open air and fun, we will definitely go back.

As for the wine sales at the city market, I would definitely buy wine there. I walk to the farmer's market and buy perishable stuff there, so why not? I can't stand going to John's and while O'Malia's is my only choice for a grocery store, I hate to give them any money so I'd just as soon have an option for wine.

Jeff said...

Only in defense of Cork and a limited inventory ... in Indiana wine is 15 days NET and you get reported and can have the distributor cut off sales if you don't pay in 15.

This isn't like normal business where you can stretch payables out.

So, for a young wine shop, where cashflow is everything, you can have problems tying up all of your cash with inventory.

I'm not defending a limited selection, but I understand it. He probably was stocking what would sell-thru quickly.