Monday, July 02, 2007

All Around the Town

Olive Garden Class Action Suit: According to an ad in the Sunday Indy Star, local law firm Bingham McHale is looking for participants in a class-action lawsuit against The Olive Garden. If you were sick from the norovirus outbreak late last year, they want you to give them a call.

Booty Re-Call: I've seen no press about it locally, but nationally, foodies around the country are tossing entire bags of Trader Joe's popular Veggie Booty. The puffed snacks were recalled last week for possible salmonella poisoning by Robert's American Gourmet, the makers of the popular snacks. The recall does not effect Fruit Booty or any of their other popular products. Sadly, they no longer produce Girlfriend's Booty, which was, yes a real snack that also came in BBQ Girlfriend's Booty. No word on when the recall will be lifted.

July is National Ice-Cream Month: Like I need an excuse. Hey, I still didn't get that ice cream maker! I *hate* having to buy myself gifts I want. Maybe I'll be inspired by some of these luscious lookers.

Transfat Free Fair Food: Now you can have your deep fried Oreo andeat it, too. Officials have announced that vendors at this fall's Indiana State Fair will use transfat free oils for deep frying everything from corn dogs to Twinkies. With all the new oils, it's easy to eliminate transfats -- from McDonald's to fair food -- but all those saturated fats and calories are still there! Even so, enjoy! (I'll be in the funnel cake line.)

Weber Grill Opens Downtown: I didn't make it to any soft opening events, but several reports I'm hearing are that our new location of the Chicago staple Weber Grill looks pretty good. All is reportedly moving smoothly and well. They're open officially next week.

Devour Downtown Kick-off Event: Don't forget next Monday, July 9, to stop off at the Devour Downtown kickoff event, 4-6 p.m. in the Emmis building lobby. Last year's event was tasty and fun with great food samples from a number of restaurants and lots of new treat cocktails. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door and benefit Second Helpings.


CorrND said...

Ahhhh, I drove past the Weber Grill last Wednesday and noticed a lot of activity inside -- it basically looked open. This is explains it! Can't wait to check it out.

terrykirts said...

Weber Grill opens for business officially on Tuesday, July 10. They are having an opening to the public, I believe, the night before, though I gave away my invitaion, as I'll be out of the country. Apparently, "The World's Largest Weber Grill" was delivered there late last week and there were some photo ops at that point, but I don't know that they have served any food yet.