Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend Pub Crawl

I can honestly say that the Indy Pub Crawl was a refreshing and fun success! Thanks to Tom (one of the astute and brilliant organizers) for handling a lot of people with aplomb. Great work! Games were played, stickers were collected (one for each stops) and the party beads were incredibly useful for not being left behind! And the laminated clip on round-the-neck schedule with addresses was an absolute necessity.

Yes, Bugg's Temple was supposed to have been the mystery stop, but it sounds like there was no time to finalize the temp liquor license. Organizers regrouped and bused us to Basey's on West (at South street), a fairly new looking and spiffy place in the shadow, literally, of the new football stadium. It's also a baseball throw from Victory Field. It will be a great place to be on game day!

And the most delicious aspect? While the crawfish didn't make it up from Louisiana, the fine folks at The Loading Dock (in the Stutz Building) regrouped with their ultra fresh catfish. Fried and perfectly light, it was great beer food. He gets it fresh every Friday.

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