Friday, July 13, 2007

This and That

You know we're bored in the summer when the biggest foodie activity is speculation on when Bugg's Temple will open. At this point, I can't imagine it's going to be worth it! (Well, except for the Ritters!)

Neal Has Blue Fin: We all need more friends like these! So, some customers and friends of Neal and Lindy's at L'Explorateur went tuna fishing off Cape Cod. They caught a 65-pound Blue Fin at 11:00 a.m. yesterday. Tonight, you, too, can partake in the bounty. (They sent 30 pounds to Neal.) It will be tuna heaven! Call for reservations.

There's a New Bar in Town? Looks like someone is finally going into the former King Cole space that was the old location of Nicky Blaine's. (I can't imagine how they'll get years of cigar smoke smell out of there.) No other info except for the liquor license application on the door next to Qdoba downtown.
Corner Gourmet is Done? I had heard various versions of the rumor that Corner Gourmet was closing, but the one I'd heard most was that Scott had moved but the stores would remain open. Cory at Property Lines checks it out and it appears Corner Gourmet is closed. Sadly, it will be the end of their cooking classes which I know many people tried out over the years.

Devour Downtown Kicks Off: It was a nice event for Second Helpings on Monday with plenty of snacks galore to kickoff the summer downtown restaurant week. The best of the night? The watermelon tomato gazpacho from University Place. (And possibly the burgers on a donut from the new BadaBoomz.)

Adobo Downtown: Various confirmations and close confirmations are trickling in. Christy at The Dish and Cory at Property Lines tell us the rumors are pretty much true (Cory says it's a done deal as far as the property owner is concerned. Christy hasn't yet had confirmation from Adobo's corporate headquarters.) Look for Adobo Grill at 110 E. Washington St *maybe* sometime next spring if all goes well.

Another Great Wine Secret: If you've recovered from the best kept secret in town, (half price oysters at The Oceanaire from 3-6 p.m. on week days), here's the second best. Friends reminded me this week that Scholar's Inn has half price bottles of wine on Monday nights. And they have a carry out license. So you can stop in on your way home. Or buy two bottles and take one home. (Just tell the waiter to open one instead of both.) Their wine list has quite a few to try -- and a few reliable drinkers that will be fun at half the price! (Imagine, Chateau Potelle VGS at $58 a bottle or that yummy David Bruce Pinot for $19!)

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CorrND said...

No doubt that half-price bottles of wine are a steal when you're eating in, but getting them for carry -out doesn't seem like much of a deal. Isn't the standard restaurant markup for wine like 300% of wholesale? Half price makes it 150%, which I would imagine is still a little bit higher than retail.

I suppose that's reasonable for wines you can't get anywhere else, but otherwise, I'll just get them when I'm eating there!