Monday, July 16, 2007

Three Latest and Best

I've been eating at too many wonderful barbeques and parties lately and took the weekend off to see The Police at Churchill Downs. After a weekend of decadent eating, it was great to come home to a dinner of fresh corn on the cob, brussel sprouts, strawberries, and other bounties of summer. In the meantime, here were my favorite dishes from last week.

Chocolate Ganache Crepe at Petit Chou: I'm still loving this new Broad Ripple cafe. On a recent crowded Friday afternoon, I discovered a new favorite -- the crepes. We chose chocolate ganache over Nutella, but still, incredibly rich and good.

Mo'Joe's Coffee: If you haven't discovered this downtown coffee place yet, then you *must*. On W. Michigan between Capitol and Senate, this local, independent coffee shop is perfect from the comfy couches to the pastries from Rene's Bakery.

Cheese Grits at Proof: Can I just say again how much I love Michael Paley's Proof on Main in Louisville? Sunday morning, we wandered down to 21C to look at their new installation and were pleasantly surprised to find Proof open for breakfast. And what do they do? Simple, basic, and delicious. The star of the show? The fresh berries and the best cheese grits I've ever had! And I'm a girl who likes her grits. Fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I love Proof on Main as well. I can only hope someday that Indy's dining scene is as vibrant as Louisville's.

scubachef said...

I had some crazy grits about a week ago in Pensacola, FL (the Redneck Riviera) - called Nassau Grits. They were probably the least-breakfasty breakfast food I've ever had - maybe halfway between Spanish Rice and Jambalaya, with shrimp and tasso ham/smoked sausage.

CorrND said...

Wow, I just drove past Mo'Joe's Coffee and they have a sign out front saying that they now serve Indiana beers. I know it said Upland and Barley Island but I think there was a third one I didn't catch. If they get Mad Anthony beer, I'll have to stop in for an IPA! mmmmmmm

braingirl said...

A coffee house where you can get a beer. Now *that's* an idea whose time has come.

CorrND said...

Made sure drive past Mo'Joe's on the way home from work so I could see the sign again. The third brewery is Three Floyds, makers of Alpha King and Robert the Bruce, among other things that aren't as widely distributed.

I live just a hop, skip, and a jump from there, so I definitely need to pop in for an Alpha King!

Kevin said...

Another good new coffee shop is Cognizant in Fountain Square. They had one of The Onion books for browsing...awesome!