Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bits and Pieces

A Twisted Dinner! Just what we've been waiting for -- a particularly twisted reason for a feast at L'Explorateur. Neal, Lindy, and Crossroad Vintners are welcoming the famous (or infamous) Boy Braynerd, winemaker for Twisted Oak in Calaveras, California, for a Twisted Oak wine dinner, Tuesday, August 21, at 6:30 p.m. With the big wines and flavors -- and the rowdy and fun tone these wine lovers set -- this will be a can't miss event. These guys *love* wine and it shows. I may have to wear my "Wine Rack" tank top. Call L'Ex for reservations.

Bar Menu at Tallent: Christine (over at My Plate or Yours) has a beautiful preview of the new bar menu at Restaurant Tallent in Bloomington. If you haven't eaten Dave's incredible food, you're missing out on some of the best in the state. And a bar menu is a perfect way to enjoy a light dinner with a glass of wine while making reservations for a Big Night Out!

More Bloomington News: Also, from our fair city to the south, Bloomington Eat Local night is this Friday, August 17. Eleven local restaurants including Trulli, Nick's, Upland Brewery, tutto bene, and Restaurant Tallent, will have special menus featuring locally grown foods. Ask your favorite restaurant if they're participating and order local!

Bar Menu at Peterson's: More details to come, but we hear Peterson's has a new happy hour bar menu with specials starting this month, too. Haven't heard about dishes and prices but I'll update you when I get the info. (Bar menus and happy hour pricing are a great way to sample the food at some of these fine dining restaurants before committing to a full meal. With all this hot weather, they're also a great way to eat more lightly!)

Bartenders at Ruth's: We'd heard a nasty rumor of some turnover at the downtown Ruth's Chris bar (which would be a real shame because they have some of the best bartenders in town.) Turns out nasty rumors are all they are. Bar goddess Susan Brewer confirms that our favorites Matt and Theresa are still firmly employed while martini master Mode has been away helping open the new restaurant up north. He'll be returning shortly!

Pizza King Arriveth: Yes, it's true (or as one fan said as his eyes rolled back in his head in anticipation, "There *is* a God.") Pizza King has opened a location in Broad Ripple. For fans of classic thin crust pizza, it's a welcome addition to the local pie market. Look for it on Broad Ripple Avenue in the old Tin Star location! (There are locations in Geist and Zionsville as well.)


bhorg said...

I really like Pizza King but their prices have always been completely unreasonable for what they serve.

Last winter I ordered 2 large pizzas from the Noblesville location and the total was over $50.. I couldn't believe my ears.

terrykirts said...

Ohhhh. . .for you lovers of St. Louis-style ultra-thin crust pizza of the type at Pizza King (I can barely type it!), there's a much better alternative in Avon. Monical's Pizza, which was the pizza I grew up with, is now open in Avon at 9271 E. U.S. 36. I was there last Sunday, and I can attest to its being just I remember it, though the signature imitation French dressing on the salads is now "sweet and tangy" or something like that. But the pizza is great, it's super thin, and if it weren't 30 minutes away, I'd be going there a lot more often.

CorrND said...

braingirl -- is that pizza poll a joke? 'Cause I don't know how you can have an Indy Pizza Poll without Bazbeaux on the list! Personally, I think they're a little overrated, but they routinely show up on others' "Best of Indy" lists. And what about Datsa Pizza, Giorgio's, Circle City, or Union Jack (and many others)?

Or my personal favorite, Eh! Formaggio? Their margherita pizza is to die for. They used to be downtown in the Harness Factory Lofts but they moved a couple years ago to a strip mall near Lafayette and 56th.

Anonymous said...

D'oh. Yes, I'm tinkering with the polling feature and didn't realize I'd left it up! When I'm ready to poll on pizza, I'll try to make it more complete!