Friday, August 10, 2007

Girls Eating Steak!

You've got to love the NY Times Style section, who today, has a great article on trendy, meat eating girls! Guys, do you love your girls to love steak? Girls, when you go on a date, do you just want to order a nice rib eye instead of that chintzy salad? Well, you're not alone. Woman eating like real people is finally back in style!

So, chow down on that date. Enjoy that big, caloric burger. And just be your confident, meat-eating self! I am woman! Hear me chew! On the other hand, the trend for men is away from big heavy meat. Real men, apparently, eat their vegetables:
What about when the tables, so to speak, are reversed? Can a man order a juicy New York strip on the first date and make a good impression? Gentlemen, be careful. Real men, it seems, must eat kale.

“When a guy sits down and eats something fatty and big, you wonder if they eat like that all the time,” said Brice Gaillard, a freelance design writer. “It crosses my mind they’ll probably die early.”

(Thanks to re-formed vegetarian Christine from My Plate of Yours for the pointer this morning!)


scubachef said...

Do some people actually think like this? That someone will somehow like them more or less because of what they eat? Everyone knows what is really important is what kind of car you drive.

braingirl said...

Well, of *course* it's important what kind of car you drive! That's how I make all my dating choices!

It's sad that we actually have to point this out today, but the article makes a valid point. It's become socially acceptible -- *finally* -- for women to say, Hey, I pay my own bills, I'm a professional, and I'll damn well eat what I want. And I want a big 'ol steak.

Or, as I see it, women eating steak and looking sexy is the modern equivalent of the sexy cigar smoker.

scubachef said...

"the sexy cigar smoker"

Nah, everyone sucking on a smoldering turd looks like a chode.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be undercurrents of judgement toward vegetarians in your post. Funny, that's a quality many think vegetarians have cornered the market on. Guess not, huh?

Karen said...

isn't this trend just because of that south beach diet thing that encourages protein? see the thin girl running away from the bread...

Shelly said...

I love it! Great comments too! ahaha Cars and Turds (shaking head)

This made me think of a John Cleese quote

"If God did not want us to eat animals why did he make them out of meat?" if your going to have undercurrents of judgement it helps if you have a British Accent!