Friday, September 14, 2007

More Updates and Openings

The Goose Cometh: Scheduled opening of The Goose, a gourmet market at 25th and Delaware in Fall Creek Place, is now in October. I run past there almost every day and have been watching for signs of life but so far, getting no love. (Location will be 2503 N. Delaware, which I believe will be the corner ground floor of the new contemporary condos at that intersection.) Either way, the owners are reporting they'll open on October 20. It's good to hear the early flapping of wings -- let's hope they make it.

Update: There's a counter inside now, and some signs of a buildout. All good news!

It's Official: Gastropubs Have Arrived: The current issue of Nation's Restaurant News has an interesting article on the national trend of gastropubs. They credit Mario Batali's Spotted Pig in NYC for starting the trend in the US when it opened in 2004. SF Chron food critic Michael Bauer takes some issue with NYC taking credit noting that gastropubs were opening across the country around that time. We can credit our own Brugge Brasserie in Broad Ripple with bringing the trend -- and some excelllent beers -- to central Indiana. They feature a very traditional gastropub menu (from duck confit to pommes frites) and Belgian-style beers. Fall is a perfect time for their Tripel Ripple and some of the other dark and heavy goodness they have on tap.

Congratulations to Neal and Lindy! Neal and Lindy are finally making it official. They're tying the knot this weekend with their two real children and third "child", the restuarant, L'Explorateur. They're closed tonight and tomorrow night for the festivities, but will reopen next week with a new menu for this lovely fall weather. Mazel tov to the newlyweds!

The Joys of Whiskey: The other evening a friend arrived at my house with a fine, fine bottle of single malt Scotch and with the weather change, the timing is perfect. And wouldn't you know it, plate o' scotch, Kate at Accidental Hedonist has come out with the announcement she's writing a book on whiskey. Luckily, she's sharing some of the joy in her travels and tastings via her blog. For her first installment, she offers a useful one: How to taste. If you've never enjoyed the smoky, peaty, and even sea-weedy flavors of a perfect Scotch or the sweet, grassy, darkness of a Kentucky Bourbon, then here is all you need to know to get started.

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