Monday, September 17, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Sangria at Home: I'd been craving good sangria for a few weeks, and with the purchase of a huge "jar" complete with a spigot, I had an excuse. I also had two 1.5 litre bottles of a fine Gallo white Zinfandel that had somehow found their way into my home. Ironically, with its heavy sweetness, the pink wine made a great base for sangria although I added some additional reds including 3 bottles of the last of a case of Malbec. Then, I soaked pineapple, apples, lemons, oranges, and limes in vodka, then added all the standards (including the fruit and vodka, Cointreau instead of brandy, lots of fruit juice, and even a little sugar) and voila! The last of summer in a glass! Thanks to the 30 or so people who showed up to help me polish it off!

Hangover Food at Barcelona Tapas: Christy Speer nailed it in last month's Indianapolis Monthly review: Just appreciate this place for what it is, mine the menu for what's good, skip what's not (which is a lot), and love it for the fact that it's cheap and different. Thursday, I needed just what BT could give -- that big gooey order of goat cheese in red sauce with garlic bread, fried calamari and artichoke hearts, and churros with lots of cinnamon. A group of us shared about 10 small plates, caught up on news of the day, and assuaged our hangovers. Perfect.

Chocolate Eclairs at French Market: My favorite part of this time of year? The fantastic fairs and festivals! After delicious lamb pita and baklava at last weekend's Greek Fest, this past Friday featured all the treats that French Market had to offer (early, before they sell out!) For the best deal, buy wine by the bottle. And those extra tickets? Chocolate eclairs and cream puffs for breakfast the next morning!


terrykirts said...

Hmmm. . .my eclair was still frozen, and the pastry cream was a little curdled. Guess you had better ones. And they were out of madeleines by the time I got there. I guess the key is going at noon to get everything when there's still plenty of it. Thankfully, I stopped at Fiesta on the way home and got some great pork on a stick, roasted plantains, and fantastic tacos--no shortage there.

braingirl said...

Mmm. Mine had custard -- and even though I took home both eclairs and cream puffs, the pastry and custard held up. Great breakfast and snack for the rest of the weekend.