Monday, September 24, 2007

Three Latest and Best

Crepes, Brioche and Nutella: Petit Chou has quickly taken over as my favorite brunch spot in town, not only because of their perfect Broad Ripple location, but also because I love their menu! The crepes win me over every time. My latest favorites? Eggs, sunny side up in a crepe with Gruyere and brioche toast with nutella. This time of year, take your sunglasses and enjoy the patio.

Butternut Maple Soup at Oakley's: It's ba-aaack! If you haven't tried this sublime annual treat at Oakley's Bistro, where have you been? It's one of the single best things about fall in Indianapolis. And don't forget they sell it by the quart if you're already planning for Thanksgiving. (Shout out to the fabulous Lisa Cunningham.)

Dinner at Morton's: What is it about Morton's? Why don't I go more often? Is it the funky street entrance? The pokey stairs? The often absent or inattentive hostess/greeter? No matter. Even with the uninspiring entryway, I've always have a great time especially in their small private board room and warm, clubby bar (with those funky and wonderful art deco carved bar chairs). Unsurprisingly, a recent dinner was no different. After a fantasic meal with great company, I was reminded again that this often overlooked downtown steakhouse has a lot to offer. We enjoyed the standard fare -- great steaks and steakhouse favorites -- but with some welcome additions. My favorites? An ultra-fresh tuna tartare starter with creme fraiche and avocado, a nice change from the standard seared tuna appetizer; a classic iceberg wedge salad with tomato and bacon but with a pleasant twist -- Thousand Island, a salad dressing I've always loved even though it's out of style; and along with roasted potatoes, mushrooms and spinach, and huge asparagus, I loved the perfectly crisp french fries. (They were added after the CEO interviewed servers in all 75 restaurants and asked about the most requested menu item Morton's didn't have.) Add, of course, the excellent Allen Brothers USDA Prime steaks (strips and fliets for most of us). It was all topped off with their polished deserts including a thick chocolate "velvet" cake and their signature key lime pie. I could live without the formal server presentation of plastic-wrapped plates showing steaks and fresh seafood (although I did like the live lobster swaying around), but it was a lovely meal all topped off with a fine 2003 Beringer Private Reserve cabernet. Look for their happy hour bar special -- free mini steak sandwiches from 5-7 p.m. weeknights.


scubachef said...

"It was all topped off with their polished deserts including a thick chocolate "velvet" cake"
Do they still have their Warm Godiva Chocolate Cake? (Another thing deemed "out of fashion" by some). That alone was worth a visit.

braingirl said...

Yes -- I think they had those little molten chocolate cakes, too. The velvet cake was a super-thick (3 inches) flourless chocolate cake. And the key lime pie was really good.

But I *loved* the Thousand Island!

Allison said...

As a serious connoisseur of Thousand Island, I appreciate your love of it and will def try it next time. It's sad how many restaurants don't carry it, and for some reason, I'm embarrassed to order it even if they do-next to all the other women at the table asking for fat free this and that.

ps the bearnaise they serve with the filet is making my mouth water just thinking of it!

scubachef said...

Another bonus about Morton's great desserts is that it "forces" me to get some of my filet "to go" (in order to have room for said dessert); then at home I can slice the left-over meat super thin, combine with shitakes and ginger, for the best Yakiniku ever. (drools)

braingirl said...

I do the same thing! I took half of my huge strip steak home, sliced it up, heated it in a pan with butter and a few seasonings, and made an impromptu fajita with fresh tomatos, lime, and onion in a tortilla.

Chelsea Church said...

I have a great event to tell you about! It's at petit chou on Oct. 11:

Call the art center for more dish;)