Friday, November 02, 2007

Foie Gras and Frozen Pizza

Major Fire at Hudson Valley Foie Gras: Marion Burros at Diner's Journal reports on last Tuesday's electrical fire at Hudson Valley Foie Gras that killed 15,000 breeding ducks. Animal rights activists are coming out of the woodwork with complaints on crowded conditions, but in reality, the 15,000 were only a fraction of the 300,000 ducks the company comfortably and humanely raises. The real tragedy is that the fire generates more negative press for an already unfairly targeted industry. Luckily, Hudson Valley is the one company must likely to weather the storm. HVFG is the largest producer to foie in the United States and a major supplier to restaurants and consumers across the nation. Ruhlman has comments as well.

Food Recall Hits Close to Home: Hey, this isn't funny. This latest recall -- of Jeno's and Totino's frozen pizza -- hit a little close to home. It hit my own freezer! Yes, I know, Totino's is the ultimate low-brow frozen pizza but I like it. And I also had it for lunch yesterday. (I pulled the box out of the garbage to match the recall numbers.) So far, so good. No e.coli here!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mentioned the pizza recall. I was in line paying for my groceries at Kroger last night when the fellow at the next register was alerted about the recall as the cashier rang up the pizzas.
One went through, but the recall notice came up on the next two and they were not sold to the customer. I assume the first one was from a different batch.
I was impressed with Kroger's quick response.

Alohaman said...

Braingirl....drop me a line. I can feed you some info on restaurants in the area.

Gastroholic said...

I am going on record right now to say that this Totino's Pizza recall has put a serious cramp in my late night, get out of the kitchen and want to eat something style. I love these little guys. I fold them like a huge taco and just gobble them up.
Up until now the most dangerous thing about eating a delicious pepperoni pizza from totinos was that you had to wait at least three minutes before taking your first bite or the napalm that they call cheese will render the skin on your hard palette into skin curtains that your tongue can't help but prod for a full day.

I don't care about a recall, I'll take my chances.