Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Michelin, Meatpaper, and Food Trivia!

Michelin Ratings Out in NYC: The 2nd edition of the NYC Michelin ratings debuted yesterday. Gordon Ramsey picks up two stars for his NYC effort (Gordon Ramsey at the London) which isn't too shabby considering most Americans know him for his ability to yell on Hell's Kitchen. With his seemingly full-time appearances on BBC and US versions of Kitchen Nightmares, it's a true sign of talent that he can find great people, instill in them his sense of excellence, and garner multiple stars on two continents. In the meantime, as Bruni points out, Michelin seems to love all things Jean-Georges. Plus, Craft loses a star? Maybe Colicchio needs to pick up some tips about multi-tasking from Ramsey as everyone wonders the obvious -- is his gig on Top Chef and opening a new Craft in LA a factor?

Meatpaper Debuts: The first issue of Meatpaper, the magazine about the art and ideas of meat, is in bookstores now. Meatpaper announced it's debut issue earlier this year, but even I couldn't imagine what a wonderland of stories on beef, pork, and other...meats...this would be. Beautiful *and* delicious. This issue includes a pig slaughter in Italy, essays on eating strange meats, meat as visual art, and meatopolis!

Foodie Fight Trivia Game: Here's the throwdown: Four top foodies in town. One evening of throwdown. The stakes? The Champion of Food Knowledge! And now we can do it -- Foodie Fight, a new trivia game from Chronicle Books, is the mother of food specific knowledge. My money is on Kirts -- at least, I want him on my team. (Via Slashfood)

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Barbara said...

I am having dinner at Craft in NYC on Sunday. I am thoroughly excited about going, particularly since I had the best meal of my life there in August 2004. Hopefully if the quality has fallen off, the new rating will make them try especially hard.