Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Q: Prime Rib?

Steak, shmeak, I'm craving prime rib. Readers, help me out here: Where can I find the best prime rib in town?


Ed said...

I think the best I have had in Indiana is a place in Franklin call Richards Kitchen. An intimate converted garage, with a open kitchen, Richards is always great.
Constant reader,
Big Ed

Steph Mineart said...

Honestly, I'd like to know the answer to that one, too. I'm too frugal to attend the high-end steakhouses in town. I used to love the prime rib at Colorado Steakhouse near the Greenwood Mall, but they closed a while back. Although technically, what I think I really loved was the creamy horseradish that came with it.

Outback Steakhouse's prime rib, on the other hand, is just terrible.

scubachef said...

I don't think I've ever had prime rib that was better than even a mediocre steak, but I've heard good things about the prime rib at Palomino.

braingirl said...

Oh, dear. We need to get you some good prime rib. Stat. The juicy kind that melts in your mouth. I'm generally with Steph on the creamy horseradish, although really great prime rib is almost better without it.

I was talking to Benko about this today and we might just cook up something. You know, for a little, um, experiment.

Is prime rib out of style? Because the big steakhouses aren't carrying it. (Bonge's had it on special.) Maybe food cost and waste is the culprit.

Tammy said...

I have yet to find a place that can top Loon Lake Lodge in this department...and I don't even like prime rib very much.

Anonymous said...

I tried the prime rib at Marco's and it was wonderful!

Having said that, I just read a review for Marco's awful prime rib...so maybe its hit or miss!

Christopher said...

I agree, the orime rib at Marco's is fantastic. In 2006 we went there during a powerful rainstorm, and the power went out. They lit candles and brought out all the bread and wine we could eat/drink until the power came back on.

braingirl said...

And to add to the list, I have a recommendation for Big Daddy's.

scubachef said...

"I have a recommendation for Big Daddy's"

Which one?

Big Daddy's
901 N Pennsylvania St

Big Daddy's Bar & Grill
2536 S Meridian St

braingirl said...

S. Meridian

John said...

last night my meat-eating wife had a hankering for take-out prime rib. We got it from Marco's because it's closest to home. She said it was fine, she finished it (unlike what I could do with the take-out fish I got) ... but we won't go back. She says Loon Lake prime rib is the best she has had lately ... but I have a heard tim eeating there because I am always afraid an animatronic raccoon is going to try to swipe my food.