Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive!

Happy Beaujolais Day! Drink some new wine (or, as one serious wine head said earlier this week, skip the new wine and make a toast in the general direction of France.) Either way, drink some wine tonight.

Party at the Chatterbox: In addition to events at L'explorateur and most wine shops, don't forget everyone's favorite party at the Chatterbox on Mass Ave., 6-9, lots of Nouveau and some jazz to go with it!

Problems with the 2007 Nouveau? The Winecanine is reporting problems with at least one shipment of Beaujolais Nouveau affecting a local distributor. Heavy sediment may cause a 250-case shipment to be scrapped. So, if you're drinking something other than Beajuolais Nouveau today, you'll know why. No word on the label or distributor.

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