Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Questions for You!

Not an original idea by any means (as long as we're giving credit, it's because I love Paul Poteet's weather quiz so much on but I've put up a cooking quiz. (I'm really just playing with the polling feature.) The honorable Mr. Kirts had the idea to a) make them harder, and b) tie them to local dishes/chefs/restaurants, so if you're out and about eating much, you'll probably do better on future quizzes than shut-ins like me. Plus, if "profiteroles" can be a Jeopardy answer, then they can certainly make a quiz here. There's just one right answer!

Also a small housekeeping note. I've turned on comment moderation for a little while. Think of it this way, if you wouldn't say it to someone over the dinner table *before* you've had a bottle of wine, then try to rephrase. (General hint: If you refer to me as an "asshole", it's probably not going to be approved, even if you use your name.)

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