Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Orders -- Don't Forget

Deadlines are fast approaching for holiday take-out orders from Oakleys and R. Bistro. If you order, try to make the deadlines for cutoffs and make sure you pick up on time.

**Oakleys Bistro is offering their usual scrumptious line of holiday offerings including Steve's signature butternut maple soup, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, turkey chestnut gravy, cranberry chutney, and a special salad dressing. Call for pricing. Deadline for all orders is noon on Saturday. Pick-up on Wednesday.

**R.Bistro has two pies available for ordering for the holiday season -- Pumpkin Nutella (that sounds good!) and Coconut Custard. There's no information in the email about order deadlines for Thanksgiving, but call them to inquire. $20 per pie.


Anonymous said...

R Bistro is the worst restaurant in town. How do you endorse the filth that women serves. Has she ever had an original idea or simply cookbook dishes, c'mon Indianapolis you can do better than this.

braingirl said...

Taste vary, that's for sure. I'd put Rbisto at far better than "worst in town." And "filth" is a pretty strong term, don't cha think?

scubachef said...

I don't believe I've ever had a "bad" meal at R-Bistro. Sure, there have been times that a dish may not have wowed me as much as the menu description, but there have been as many times that I was incredibly impressed with a dish. Salmon paired with a Smokey Kraut - whodathunkit, but wow. Pasta dishes in particular are usually best-bets; on par with the best of Tavola di Tosa. A marinated bone-in ribeye a few months back was one of the most flavorful, tender and perfectly cooked steaks I've had in a long time. (I'd put money on that being true for a current menu item: cider-marinated lamb T-bones). I'd also put their Watermelon Soup and Sticky Toffee Pudding up against any other restaurant's offerings for pure tasty pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Wow, worst restaurant in town? Hardly. I have worked for Regina and would put her food up against anyone's, including my own. Her staff is well trained, her kitchen is spotless, she is meticulous when it comes to sourcing quality. She is the only chef I know who still inspects every delivery that comes in the back door. That is to say that her sous chefs don't do all the tedious legwork. It sounds to me like you should move to the land of five star restaurants, but good luck there because I have tasted some of Regina's cooking that would give any five star a run for their money. Her comitment to buying local is surpassed by no one in the city. She is the most business savvy chef in the city. She is commited to seeing more women chefs in professional kitchens. She is a hell of chef.

Just one more thing. As I have stated in the past and bears repeating here, it is very easy for someone to go on the internet and anonymously bash someone else's work. Chefs are in the somewhat unique situation where we are vulnerable to criticism from everyone and anyone. Maybe the people where you work think your pursuits are filth, but you will probably never know because no would give you that kind of feedback. Chefs have the kahona's to put themselves out there every day, we have thick skin because we understand that we can't be everything to everyone. But someone who just rants anonymously about how someone else's life's work is filth is not even credible. You'd be better off keeping your opinions to yourself. That way, at least one person takes you seriously.
Just something to think about.

CorrND said...

I'd like to add that R Bistro also operates at a price point that makes it possible for a young professional like myself to actually eat there on a semi-regular basis. I appreciate that as much as the wonderful food they put out.