Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wine Wednesday

Allen Meadows, the Burghound: I keep meaning to provide a link to Burgundy wine expert Allen Meadows and his Burghound newsletter. He's been a great discovery thanks to all the Burgundy drinkers in town. Meadows, a former finance executive, now lives 4 months of the year in France and publishes his newsletter quarterly. $125 a year gets you the newsletter and access to his database.

Are You a Rhone Ranger? Plate o' Rhone -- I'm in 100% agreement with Jeff at The Good Grape who writes that he's been turned on to California Rhone-style wines. Before this year, I had never really paid much attention to this particular wine, but I love them! And the Californians really shine -- although I tend to like wines from further up the Sacramento Valley in Gold Country. the lighter, higher acid, smoother Rhones. And while I like true Rhones -- lighter, acidic, and smooth -- Vinum and Twisted Oak are two of my Cali favorites. More at The Good Grape.

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