Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duke's Mixture

Welcome to all the new folks who popped in and checked us out for the first time yesterday! It's not usually so contentious around here (unless you count the ongoing cupcake debate). We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of food tidbits, restaurant gossip, and general kibitzing about food and wine.

Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse Opening: The big news last night was the formal opening of the long-awaited Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse. I'm already hearing good things about this outpost from Louisville restaurateur Mehrzad Sharbaiani. His Z's in Louisville is a popular success and he chose Castleton instead of downtown for his expansion. Personally, I think they'll do well in the area offering high-end steaks, seafood, and an excellent wine list. They're tucked back in a visible, but slightly odd location just south of Castleton Square Mall (on the south side of 82nd by 465).

More San Francisco Bay Closures: Word from foodie and chef friends about the SF Bay oil spill is dire. The latest business casualty is the well-known Drake's Bay Oyster Company who has announced they're closing for the season and perhaps for good. Even though Drake's Bay is up the coast a bit, strong currents are spreading the contaminants from the oil spill faster than they can be contained. Owners tried booms and other containment with no luck. I have many fond memories of Drake's Bay oyster runs for parties and dinners. We all hope they can keep the business afloat just a little longer.
Update: Local SF Bay chefs are emailing me to update that several Drake's Bay farms are reporting that tests for contaminants show limited to no affects on their oysters. Similar reports are coming in from Tomales Bay farms as well. So, good updated news in the oyster department.

Way Down in Kokomo: Spent an enjoyable Sunday brunch with winemaker Eric Miller from Kokomo Wines. Miller is a Kokomo native who is now makes Kokomo Wines out of the Dry Creek Valley in Sonomo County. We sampled from his full line including a steely Chard, a fruit-heavy Pinot, a spicy Malbec, and a very finished and smooth Merlot. Miller, who has been in Sonoma learning wine making since 1999, and his business partner Josh Bartels, also an Indiana native, set up their own shop two-years ago. Look for them locally as their distribution becomes more widespread. (And look for Eric in an upcoming "Meet the Winemaker" feature here at Feed Me/Drink Me.)


CorrND said...

Oh, I love me some Dry Creek Valley Zin. We got a case of the Adobe Road Zin (65% Dry Creek, 35% Alexander) at Diamond in the Rough and it's quite tasty.

Looks like Kokomo's 2005 Zin is gone, so hopefully they made a 2006 and some of it makes it our way. I look forward to trying out Kokomo's wines!

braingirl said...

We sampled all 2006 wines -- and while still a little new in the bottle, they all show signs of being a decent quaff.

FYI, they're on the wine list at Bugg's.