Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Easy Treats to Take for Turkey Day!

Heading to someone's home for Thanksgiving this year? Want to take something special that the host or hostess might not have tried? Or just want to show up with something other than the ubiquitous bottle of wine? Here are a few ideas for last minute treats that won't put a wrench in the meal or break the bank.

** Braseola from The Goose: Paper thin slices of this salty, cured beef are enough like prosciutto to be familiar but rich and dark enough to be different. This one -- or any of the house cured meats or salamis -- is perfect for a predinner platter, a treat, or just something new to try. Pair it with a cheese and a box of crackers for an instant appetizer. (Find it at Goose Market at 25th and Delaware.)

** Gelato or Ice Cream: Want to compliment the pumpkin or apple pie with something a little different? While your host is probably assured to have vanilla, try bringing them an unusual ice cream or gelato like curry, pumpkin spice or spiced fig. Lots of specialty shops carry ice cream and gelato in more and more original and delicious flavors so skip the plain chocolate and pistachio. Or call H2O Sushi and see what ice creams they have available. (Better yet, buy your host or hostess a membership to their ice cream of the month club!) (And yes, it's strange to call a sushi place for ice cream, but Nicole makes the best desserts in town! Get a couple of those big oatmeal cookies while you're there!)

** Caramels or Truffles: A reader recently emailed me to let me know she'd found salted caramels "dark chocolate covered, to boot!" at Elizabeth Garber's truffle emporium on Mass Ave. A box of these luscious treats is never amiss and can be enjoyed by all the guests or hidden away for the host to enjoy later! Look for The Best Chocolate in Town by RBistro on Mass Ave.

** Sparkling Wine or Champagne: While your host or hostess probably has the beverage situation well in hand, an extra bottle is never amiss, especially of something festive and sparkly! Check out your local wine shop for a nice selection of bubbles. Want to take something a little different? Look for rose or sparkling Shiraz. Want to keep the cost down? Skip the cheap mass market plonk and look for a nice Italian prosecco or Spanish cava, available in the sub-$20 range. Try Kahn's, Grapevine Cottage, or even Mass Ave Wine Shoppe.


Anonymous said...

How true. We took home a quart of Bittersweet Chocolate Sorbet, a pint of Curry Ice Cream with Apples and Raisins and a pint of Pumpkin and loved it all. We had to order more for tomorrow because we ate it all this week. Nicole made us Pomegranite sorbet and Meyer Lemon sorbet for tomorrow. We also got 12 cookies with whipped cream. Who needs turkey?

Becca said...

I love this post! Thanks for giving us guests some creative and tasty alternatives to bring. Although I usually save this for Christmas parties, it's never too early in the season to show up with a tub of home-made brandy slush.

braingirl said...

I had some of the curry and it was everything it should be -- sweet, with perfect raisins and wonderfully addictive.

(I'm also addicted to the Venezuelan Spice Palazzo Gelato from The Goose -- they just ran out but they'll have more soon. Just as well for my waistline.)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cork and Cracker in Broad Rippl!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is a shameless plug for my friends but I'm gonna do it anyway. Nicole now has an Ice cream of the month club (where I first tasted the glorious curried ice cream). What a treat.

Nicole has forgotten more about ice cream than most of us have ever learned.

The flavors are so unique it is hard to even imagine that some of them taste good. Yet they always do.