Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving in Indianapolis: Eating Out

Just a few folks for Thanksgiving this year or simply don't want the hassle of cooking this year (or the leftovers?) For travelers and locals alike, eating out can be a great option. Haven't made plans yet? Here are some of the local restaurants open on Thursday and serving the classic turkey and dressing (or something close, at least.) As always, it's worth it to call the restaurant directly as reservations may be required, they may be booked, or they may have changed their hours or plans. Most of these restaurants have a traditional meal or buffet planned for a fixed price and some are offering limited other options or their full menus. Call ahead to find out what's for supper, especially if you have several folks in your party. Eating out is so popular that you'll be surprised more restaurants don't offer it! Thanks to Traci Cumbay for a few of these. Reservations for the rest are still available on or by calling the restaurant directly.) (And a shout-out to Kate Shepherd who asked me to post on the topic!)

Conner Prairie offers a full traditional Thanksgiving buffet from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., $24.95, reservations required.

McCormick & Schmick's downtown is offering a traditional holiday menu along with its full menu. 12:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Capital Grille at the Conrad is offering traditional turkey for $40 as well as their full dinner menu.

Weber Grill is offering a grilled Thanksgiving feast, $28.95. Check out the menu.

Palamino is open all afternoon and into the evening. No word on a special menu.

Danielli at the Canterbury is offering seatings for Thursday. No word on the menu.

Maggiano's Little Italy on 82nd is open and offering a delicious-looking Thanksgiving treat available for eating in or ordering ahead for takeout. Details and menu on the website.

Kinkaid's Chophouse in Carmel is listed as open and accepting reservations. No word on their menu.

Ted's Montana Grill -- both locations offer a traditional meal as well as salmon and prime rib. 12:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., $30 for the turkey.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the only places in Indy offering Thanksgiving dinner are Downtown, Northside and Carmel .... please try to be more inclusive and less snobby. I'm going out to dinner at Lincoln Square on the EASTSIDE.

Maria said...

Hey anonymous, you are more than free to create your own blog to showcase the thanksgiving offerings on the west, south & east sides. Maybe you can call it, Feed Me/Drink Me/WT Me.

Anonymous said...

Maria said...
Hey anonymous, you are more than free to create your own blog to showcase the thanksgiving offerings on the west, south & east sides. Maybe you can call it, Feed Me/Drink Me/WT Me.

WT Me? And that means what? Well, you must be one of those elitist northsiders too. It's the same thing with the Star: They rarely mention places on the other sides of town. If you want all people to enjoy newspaper stories and blogs, don't leave them out.

braingirl said...
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braingirl said...

Deleted my own post above due to a couple of typos.

anon, There's no cause for anyone to be rude to you. Good for you to champion the east side. However, the beauty of blogs is that they can focus narrowly on a topic -- and here, I tend to write about fine dining. If a fine dining restaurant opens on the east side with an excellent chef and has promise to continually turn about great food, I'd probably cover them. Until then, probably not so much.

Unlike the Star and Nuvo who strive to expand their coverage to expand their reader base to expand their ad revenues, blogging isn't my job nor do I make any money from it. So, there probably won't be a big expansion of coverage anytime soon except for the occaional taqueria or above average ethnic restaurant (like the fine Sandra Rice and Noodle on Pendleton Pike.)

Elistist and snobby or not, my Thanksgiving list was the most inclusive list published -- the Star listed five restaurants, I think. If Lincoln Square took reservations on or had a PR person send me a note, I would have included them as well. I'm sure I missed more than a few on all sides of town.

If you're looking for comprehensive listing and reviews of a lot of east and west side places, you might try

Missy said...

The absolute best is Jonathon Byrd's cafeteria at Main Street/65 exit at Greenwood. They do a reservation only buffet in their banquet room that is a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

I realize I am a year late on this one (haha) BUT the north side/south side deal is a hoot. When my company did specific marketing, debt ratio on the north side was considerably higher than the south side. There is money on the south side....just a more conservative buyer. The north siders are generally up to their eyeballs in debt.

chris said...

Hey Anon- There's WT on the northside too. I'm taken the hubby and all the lil ones to Cracker Barrell for some down home cookin:) Trust me,the fine restaraunts don't want us. Seriously much to be thankful for and this blog is just one of them. Thanks to the creator.