Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Hamachi Carpaccio!

Need to make your Friday just a little better? How about popping into L'explorateur for dinner and free hamachi carpaccio. Don't worry, Neal isn't losing his shirt. He'd just rather give away food than watch a perfectly decent fish suffer. From Chef:

Our seafood suppliers loss is your gain tonight and tomorrow only. Here' the deal: we were given 2 whole fish on accident, this fish is sashimi quality and cannot go back on a truck to be sold at a later date. So our supplier told us to keep it. That's right, keep it for free!

So here you have it, come in for dinner this weekend, ask your server for the hamachi carpaccio (this is rapidly became our signature dish and is the only dish on the menu that has been with us since opening day) and your server will give it to you for free. Period.

6523 Ferguson Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220


Anonymous said...

Is free dead fish what it takes to get people in the door? They should stick with sashimi because they really do not know how to prepare hot food.

Anonymous said...

bitter, much?

Anonymous said...

He takes risks. If you want a protein, veg and starch go to one of the multiple steak houses in town. My wife asked if we could take the kids tonight and stop in just for the hamachi. The dish is that good. I've had very few "WOW" dishes in Indy, but that hamachi is one of them. Keep doing what you are doing Neal. Challenge Hoosier's palettes! When we go out eat I want something that I can't or don't have the will or time to create at home and Neal delivers that. Few others in town do.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1: I'm sure you can find all the hot chicken fingers you like, right at your neighborhood Crapplebee's. With free honey mustard dip!

Neal said...

mmmmmm....... Chicken fingers.

braingirl said...

Maybe you can wrap them in caul fat and panko crumbs, then serve them with "ranch dressing" on the side -- maybe buttermilk powder and and onion and chive lolly.

Oohh, or a ranch dressing shooter.

Neal said...

I probably shouldn't tell people this, but, I have no clue how to make ranch dressing LOL.
But then again, the chefs and I at lex are still pondering the ever elusive chicken's fingers, and buffalo's wings! So give us time, we'll start working on learning how to cook soon enough.

Ranch sashimi-now there's something we can pull off!

Anonymous said...

does 1 wow dish ensure being open for longer? i don't think they are going to last much longer considering the amount of people i have seen in there. it is a hard location and a hard sell for indy, they must have the best investors because i cant imagine they are staying afloat all on their own. they need to have a better location period.