Saturday, March 01, 2008

Three Latest and Best

After a long two weeks of hibernating with cold and a work deadlines, I'm back and eating! Probably eating too much, but who's paying attention. There will be plenty of time to workout when the weather warms up!

Comfort Food at MacNiven's: After a day of sloppy snow and freezing cold, I was ready for dinner at MacNiven's. Beer didn't sound good but the the Strongbow Cider hit the spot. Inspired by the guy next to us, I opted for that wonderful, decadent, full-of-meaty-goodness French dip, a fully loaded roast beef topped with melted swiss and dipped in brown gravy instead of au jus. How can it be wrong when it's so right?

If It's Good Enough for Alec Baldwin: Hadn't been to Mikado in ages and had forgotten how much I liked the Japanese wood booths, awnings, and appealing private rooms (although their website seems to have gone missing.) Super-fresh yellowtail and mackeral were the order of the day. (Delish with the sweet spinach-sesame salad, the perfectly crunchy tempura, and the green tea and red bean paste treat at the end.) Apparently, Alec Baldwin has been in lately and wins points for knowing his Japanese food.

A Feast at India Garden: We hadn't yet been to the downtown India Garden for dinner, so a cold winter night was the perfect chance. I went with an Indian friend who educated me on what *really* to order. We feasted on the vegetarian thalia (a sampler of all the best dishes with rice, naan, and tapioca) and a loaded-with-saffron shrimp biryani. Oh, so satisfied.

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