Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Approacheth

Bilerico Rocks! And a big shout out to fellow blogger Bil Browning and the cool Star article today about The Bilerico Project. There's been a lot of talk around the Feeed Me/Drink Me household lately about monetization (or better, how I can justify spending more time writing better content), and it's good to see someone make ads work and go national.

Did You Devour Downtown? Did you check out a Devour Downtown restaurant or menu? If so, the Indianapolis Downtown Restaurant & Hospitality Association wants your feedback! Take their quick survey -- just follow the link.

Lori Bergman Speaks Truth: Lori Bergman's column slamming Rachel Ray's $18 Garbage Bowl may be the best thing I've read in the Star in a while (at least, since I read the Bilerico article above.) It's a *bowl*. For *garbage*.

Most Action of Any Night of the Year: This is a big food weekend with almost everyone rolling out Valentine's Day specials from steak to lobster for two. If you're planning to eat out on Thursday (or even Friday or Saturday for that matter), you'll need reservations. (Nothing is more embarassing than showing up with a hungry date and having to wait or being denied.) Here are a few I thought looked pretty tasty.

*14 West: 14 West has prime rib, lamb, and lobster menus for two -- $75, $80, and market price respectively. Plus music from The Four Sexes

*Bugg's Tavern: Bugg's is offering a $50 per person "taste of the temple" with a wide sampling of their best dishes from suckling pig to chocolate covered profiteroles.

*FARMBloomington: At FARMBloomington, look for the Libido Lift prix fixe with 3 courses for $39 or four for $45. (Menu comes with an extensive list of foods that act as aphrodisiacs, probably worth taking home later.)

*L'explorateur: Today may be the last day to beg your way in, but don't forget Neal's now annual Seven Deadly Sins dinner at L'explorateur on Wednesday night. This decadent extravagance includes 7 courses (natch) named sloth, lust, greed, and envy -- and pairings, $95 per person. (Starts at 6:30 -- reservations required.)

*The Oceanaire: A four-course menu from The Oceanaire might be the way to your Valentine's heart with options that include all their standbys (crab cakes, salmon, oysters, and more) as well as a few new treats (tartare parfait, cod cakes, venison loin, and coconut cream pie). $85 per person not including wine/cocktails.

A Few More? Oakley's Bistro sometimes offers elaborate carry out meals for Valentine's Day. But call ahead if you're interested -- they'll close out orders very early in the week. R Bistro usually does a nice V-Day supper, but you'll need reservations. My choice in Bloomington, would be Restaurant Tallent, and, of course, nothing says "I Love You" like a big, juicy steak. Treat your honey -- and yourself -- at any of the steakhouses as a great excuse for red meat. (Many have specials and dinners for two, but call ahead.)


Carrie said...

Has anyone heard about any wine tastings on V-day? My friend will be in from out of town and I would like to take her to one.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, you may have a hard time finding wine tastings that close to V-day. Restaurants are busier now than any time of the year. You may call around to a few of the wine specialty stores and see if they have anything going on though. Vine and Table, Kahns, Johns Downtown, Cork and Cracker and (maybe) The Goose all have regular tastings and you may get lucky. As a quick side note, alot of times you can create your own tasting. You and your friend simply order by the glass and ask your bartender to split it for you. But if your looking for complimentary, Wine retailers are the way to go.

Bil Browning said...

Thanks Carrie! I'd be happy to help you monetize your blog; that's what part of the article was about that didn't get printed. Our business will help other bloggers to get a wider audience and help monetize the sites.

By the way - you HAVE to check out Sandra's Noodles on Pendleton Pike by Sunnyside Rd. Best Thai food in town. Hands down. Delicious. You'll love it if you like Thai food in the least. (I always though Thai was kinda gross compared to other Asian food types - not anymore!)

E-mail me if you'd like help with monetization.

braingirl said...

Bil -- thanks for popping in! (And we love Sandra Rice and Noodle around here. Great Vietnamese food!)

Carrie said...

I was set to go to Kahn's for their Rose tasting that was printed in their newsletter. When I called them, they said the tasting was at 1:00. Sorry, us 9 to 5-ers don't have the luxury of wine for lunch...unfortunately :)

P.S. I have tried Sandra's. I work in Geist so they are just down the street. I am a Sawasdee fan, myself.

Thanks for the suggestions. If nothing, we can always hit D'Vine.

braingirl said...

You might check with Mass Ave Wine Shop. I *think* I might have seen a note in their flyer/email about a tasting on Thursday.

(Otherwise, Feb 14 is a *big* high margin dining night. Make sure you call ahead at D'Vine because even places that don't normally take reservations sometimes take them on Valentine's Day. Or, check

Carrie said...

Thank you much.

CorrND said...

From the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe newsletter (good eye/memory braingirl! I didn't notice it on the first read):

Thursday Feb 14
Work Week Wine Down
The Villa
1456 N. Delaware
FREE Tasting & Chair Massage.

braingirl said...

Thanks, Chris, for posting that!

Carrie said...

Vine and Table is having a champagne and chocolate tasting. I think we will do that. But a massage sure sounds heavenly.