Friday, March 07, 2008

2008 Resturant and Food Trends

I love these trend lists. From the 2008 restaurant trend list from restaurant and food industry consultants Andrew Freeman & Company, here were a few I found interesting. Whole list via Hotel Executive:

The Aussie Invasion: OZ has arrived. Well beyond wine imports, menus are loading up with Aussie olive oil, honey, fruit pastes, and seafood.

Small Plates Go Global: From Japanese Izakaya, Indian Chaat, Middle Eastern Mezze to Spanish Tapas, the small plates craze keeps going and growing in every kind of restaurant concept across the country.

Artisans in Residence: From house-made salumi like prosciutto, sausage, coppa, salami, mortadella to house-cured olives. Chefs take more pride in making everything in-house. You say salumi, I say salami.

Blooming Chefs: Chefs with a green thumb are growing their produce, usually organic, on their own farms, behind their restaurants, or on rooftop gardens. You can’t get more local than this.

That Size Fits You Perfectly: Dishes now come in small, medium, and large portions to satisfy a wide range of tastes and appetites. The entrée as we know it is not going away, but size does matter.

Sweet Says Hello to Savory: Caramel with foie gras, sorbet in your soup, salt on desserts, and truly tangy frozen yogurts – sweet and savory join forces with delicious results.

Extreme Green:
Obeying the mantra of SOL food (seasonal, organic and local) is almost the norm. Now, restaurants are going completely sustainable with biodegradable disposable tableware, eco-conscious cleaners and a suite of green business practices.

It’s A Split Decision: A range of wine service options: by the glass, the bottle, the 2 oz. taste, even the quartino. Quaffers have plenty of choices now. Still can’t decide? Split the difference and get the half bottle.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall:
Gastro-pubs with dedicated beer lists, featuring special brews, house-made drafts and hard-to-find ales are all the rage. Adding to the experience are custom glassware selections and special pairing menus.

Bar None: The chef’s new signature dish - bar snacks. Homemade pretzels, paprika tossed nuts and hand-rolled sesame sticks take the place of stale popcorn and keep guests reaching for more.

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