Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Amazon Looks at Wine Business

Great sleuthing from The Good Grape and the Financial Times. Looks like might be entering the wine retailing game. Very very smart if they do. Anyone up for the job? It could be a real plum.

From the
job posting:
The Sr. Buyer is responsible for the acquisition of massive new product selection, as Specialty Foods is an emerging segment and the Sr. Buyer will work to build out entirely new selection from the ground up. Responsibilities will include sourcing leads, defining and tuning a leads qualification process, and calling on vendors directly, both from our Seattle corporate offices and in the field. Sr. Buyers must demonstrate a deep and broad experience with the Wine segment, as well as demonstrated ability in Buying. Key areas of responsibility include among others: negotiation of agreements with a wide set of vendors, inventory planning, catalog management, supply chain and logistics Best Practices, market research and a strong knowledge of current market trends, persuasive selling of the platform and the value proposition of’s Consumables offering.

More news coverage from The Good Grape.

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