Thursday, March 06, 2008

Two New Blogs

Hey, thought you all might be interested in a couple of new central Indiana blogs to try out:

Almost Sustainable Kitchen: From Bloomington, this blogger covers recipes, local and organic ingredients, green events, and all manner of other sustainability issues from our neighbor to the south.

Worth Your Attention: Thanks to these local folks for mentioning events, restaurants, and other consumer news that's worth your attention (including movies, TV, and yoga -- a few of my favorite things.)


Jason266 said...

Another one to add to your list:
Bablefish Tartare from L'ex's Neal.

On a similar note, you missed a helluva beer dinner. Got notes on it over at Hoosier Beer Geek. It will be back next year; you should definitely make it.

braingirl said...

Thanks! I heard it was fantastic and I was really happy to see that Neal opened some eyes about both his creative and innovative food but how it can pair with beer!

I won't miss next year!

kelley said...

thanks for the link! i've been pretty quiet on the blog front lately, but i'm still here and kicking. i'll be posting about the michael pollan talk at butler now that some out-of-town guests have left us.

Indy's Biggest Loser! said...

Great info! I've added you to my bloglist at Indy's Biggest Loser.

Thanks for the great blog!

zcalgal said...

Great Braingirl, just great...feeding my addiction to Indy food blogs is like taking Lindsay Lohan to Nicky Blaines! My husband wonders why no housework ever gets done - too many blogs, not enough time!

Anonymous said...

Another great blog, although not local (but she's married to a Hoosier), is Last Night's Dinner. It's serious food porn, her pictures are fantastic.

wya! said...

Thanks for the mention Braingirl! We hear at Worth Your Attention will continue to sing the praises of local restaurants (lest we lose them).