Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bloomington's Blu Boy Chocolates

When it comes to food, the trips to Bloomington last week ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. (FARM and Tallent: I leave you to decide which was which.) Also part of the wonderful? A stop by Bloomington's Blu Boy Bakery, home of the incredible -- and incredibly beautiful -- Blu Boy Chocolate. A 5-piece box will set you back about $10 depending on exactly which pieces you choose and it's tempting to use this method to buy gifts for everyone you know. We did. (You can also choose larger boxes.) My favorites? The swirly, hand painted Red Hemisphere truffle (Ancho Chili and Cinnamon), the molded "cleft" dome (Fiori di Sicilia), the Cocoa Bean Square (Bergamot), the crisply stenciled Circles/Squares (Blood Orange) and the Fleur de Sel Caramel. Sorry no pictures of this. They're handpainted!


Anonymous said...

Did you try one of the Capriole Chevre Truffles? These are surprisingly delicious. This is my favorite place to stop for a cup of coffee and a little chocolate indulgence.

braingirl said...

They must not have had them that day or I surely would have!

The think about higher quality chocolates is that you only need one or maybe two bites. And these are *so* flavorful -- I loved that bergamot. Loved the fiori -- so fragrant!

We also had cupcakes -- good with huge buttercream frosting and a macaron.

terrykirts said...

The chocolate macaron with a blood orange cream inside was a little chewier than the melt-in-your mouth ones I've had in France, but it was still wonderfully delicate with a great balance of flavors--the orange didn't get overpowered by the chocolate. And they're a lot bigger than the other ones I've seen around. Who's up for a road trip to get more?!!?

Anonymous said...


Try the pistachio macaron -- my favorite. I happen to like a little chewiness in macarons, but realize that this isn't the purist (French) approach.

christine (myplateoryours) said...

The chocolates are superb, but don't overlook the cakes! I gave a surprise party for a retiring friend (that's a reflection on her job status, not her personality) last week. David made a luscious chocolate cake and Scott decorated the top with a fabulous replica of the stained glass window in the library my friend has run for 30 years. It was beyond wonderful in every respect!

P.S. And do try the goat cheese truffles. Heaven.