Monday, March 03, 2008

Dinner Impossible: Chef Canned

Oops. As a tip, when you've padded your resume (like said you designed Princess Diana's wedding cake when you really just sort of walked through the kitchen while it was under construction), beware things could go all to shit when your TV show starts getting some notice. As Dinner: Impossible chef Robert Irvine found out, the food world is a small place and one rumor can lead to an expose in a major paper (like the St. Petersburg Times) and the next thing you know you're out of a job. Food Network has said they will not renew Irvine's contract (even though they'll continue to re-run his episodes.) Sadly, they have a small hit on their hands, so don't be surprised if the show turns up later this year with a new host/chef and new challenges. Lesson learned: The food world is a small place.


Matt Brown said...

I love the morality on display at Food Network. They won't renew Irvine's contract, but they'll continue airing his shows because they get good play. Anthony Bourdain is obviously contemptuous of the channel, yet they continue to air his old show "Cook's Tour." I guess FoodTV is nothing if not pragmatic...

Neal said...

Seriously, you nailed it Matt. I think the Food Network is in serious trouble. I mean, the decisions that they are making are so transparently desperate. Bourdain publicly mocks them, their Crowned King Emeril is no longer the top sausage, and they have no heir apparent. The only thing the food network does know is that they are built on personality, unfortunately, they have become very inept when it comes to identifying strong personality. I mean c'mon, Guy Fieri? That guy has the personality of someone who won a reality cooking gameshow to get to his current....oh wait.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Actually, what's happening with all that is that Food TV is starting to realize that there's a whole demographic of 20 something foodies who don't have a show to reflect their lifestyle.

And in pursuit of that show, they've lost what used to make the network really special.

I'd love to see Jamie Oliver's new show, but who gets up at 8am on a saturday?

And throw down? Bobby flay is just fine on his own, with no gimmicks.

I dunno, maybe throw down doesn't take as much time to air as a regular cooking show.