Monday, March 03, 2008

An Homage to Fromage

Hey! Look, mom! I'm in the March issue of Indianapolis Monthly writing about cheese. (I think I'm the livestock go-to girl over there.) I spent a good deal of the Christmas break running around to meet with some of Indiana's top cheesemakers, tramping through pastures, and looking at milking parlours -- and it's scary looking equipment -- up close! (Hey, I grew up around cows you *eat* not cows you drink from. It's all new to me.) It was, of course, pretty fun to write about the incredible people who know how to translate milk into creamy, aged goodness. You all can read the articles for yourself (better yet, buy your own copy), but at the very least, I thought I'd share a few things I learned along the way. (Look for a few notes this week that didn't make it into print on Fair Oaks Farms, Trader's Point Creamery, Capriole, and Swiss Connection.)


Biscuitcleaver said...

The goose started offering Trader's Point creamery's newest cheese, Chouda.

It's not bad, I used some of it for a pesto last night and it worked quite well for that sort of application.

braingirl said...

Christopher also has Swiss Connection's Flora -- a really, interesting, pungeant gouda style cheese, and he'll have the Pazia, their Parma-style in this week.

Anonymous said...

for more on the Goose's chouda (and other market treats), check out their new blog: