Friday, March 28, 2008

Growing Your Own: Herbs and Herb Gardens

Am getting in the mood for spring herbs and over the weekend took inventory and assessed my potted herb situation. Having given up on basil long ago (my porch faces south, they get too much sun in the summer, I spend every day pinching off the blossoms, and when the leaves finally get big, bugs eat them), I've moved on to other, more forgiving plants. I have yet to grow mint successfully, so that tells you something about my skill level. But still, I'm an optimist. I want to keep trying. Home grown mojitos, here I come!

Three pots of chives are already coming up gangbusters. At Makes it through the worst of the heat and snow and comes right back again every year. I love perennials.

Waiting for the last freeze to pass like I am? Here's a good guide of what -- and when -- to plant. What are you planting this year?


Laker said...

Thanks for this post...I want to try growing my own herbs. I couldn't get your link to work though.

braingirl said...

Hmm. Works for me. It's from the West Virginia extension service, and I'd suspect the Indiana Extension service (via Purdue) has similar information on what to plant and when.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Because of my 6th story apartment, I'm not really able to grow herbs the old fashioned way.

Instead, I've opted to use the Aero Garden.

Looks like one of those cheezy 'as seen on tv' type of deals, but it's actually been pretty efficient.

Nice to be able to make pesto on a whim with nice looking basil.