Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Easter Brunch in Indianapolis

Aside from all the regular hotel restaurant offerings and what I've already listed for Easter Brunch, looks like you might also want to check out:

**The Oceanaire -- they'll do a limited seafood heavy menu that looks pretty good. (hat tip to the Star for reminding me about this one.)

**The Tavern at the Temple -- Chef Brad Gates has continued to put out credible food despite numerous front of house and service issues not under his control. (I know, that makes no sense to me either.) This might be one to check out -- I've yet to hear reports or try myself the Sunday brunch which I know they were wanting to add for Spring.

And a few that I'm not sure I can recommend but you can check out if you're desperate: Puck's at the IMA; and Adobe Grill on the Northside. Adobo will do a limited menu of special dishes. Call for reservations or availability.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! Not sure if they'll be offering brunch but I did hear that 14 West will be serving lunch starting next week. If they are serving the crab cakes I'm there!