Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wine Blog Awards

Forgot to include the link for voting on the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards the other day. Don't forget our own The Good Grape is a finalist in two categories. Vote early; vote often; vote here.

Also, if you're interested in blogging from a personal or business point of view, mark your calendars for the Indiana Blog Conference, August 16 and 17. I'll be there as will many top bloggers, experts, corporate types, and technology types who can help you implement an effective blog strategy depending on your goals. (See how easy I slip into corporate-speak?) Really, just go and we'll have beers.


D-Wine said...

pls check it

and give me comments, i´m new one in this.


CorrND said...

Side topic -- Cory Schouten is reporting that L'Ex is looking at moving downtown:

braingirl said...

Thanks -- It's been an open secret for a while as Neal's mentioned his plans to many of us, but I haven't felt there was anything solid to report.