Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Three Latest and Best

...Stuff I've Been Eating Edition.

Unagi-Foie Gras Terrine from The Goose: Yes, you heard it right and there's only one chef pulling this sort of thing off on a regular basis -- Chris Eley at The Goose. Perfect layers of eel, fat, and a big chunk of foie right in the middle. Wow. Just. Wow. Have him slice it thinly for you, then secretly put a chunk on a cracker, sprinkle a tiny bit of fumee de sel, and devour. Do not share. Or only share with someone you really, really like. Best served with champagne while wearing PJs in front of the television.

Truffles from the Best Chocolate in Town: Was putting off going back to the office yesterday and after lunch and errands, craved a sweet. Stopped in to to Elizabeth Garber's delightful little shop on the East End of Mass Ave and chose a few tidbits from more than a dozen kinds of truffles and other bon bons. I've just started on my box of 8 or so (which will only set you back about $12) but so far, the Guinesss has been my favorite.

Vanilla Gelato from Trader Joe's: Yes, I know Trader Joe's isn't exactly haute cuisine, but I do love their desserts. Monday night, a friend served an apricot tart topped with that strange but oh-so-good style of whipped gelato from their freezer section. Espresso, chocolate and this not-too-sweet vanilla are good, if you can't find the real deal.


Kirsten said...

Goodness, yes, those truffles at Best Chocolate in Town are AMAZING. After lunch with my stepdad at R Bistro last Friday, we stopped by the adorable and diminutive chocolate shop and picked up two each. Having only had the pepper (yummy spicy) and espresso-cardamom, I would eat anything that came out of that shop. I'll be doing a little stop-by later this week, to try more of the goods!

CorrND said...

My wife and I took The Tour at the Goose on Saturday, which included the eel-Foie Gras. Agreed: WOW.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you have officially pushed me over the edge... My husband & I are stopping by Goose for a long overdue first visit. Hopefully they won't sell out of the eel!

braingirl said...

If he's out, he has confit duck legs, foie, and sweetbreads just for the asking.

K said...

The salted dark chocolate caramels at Best Chocolate in Town are so delicious that I haven't tried much of anything else there.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Chris always has something 'crazy delicious' there.

I've been spoiled by the occasional dry aged rib eyes there.